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Dark Sunny Land "Emanations for a Returning" LP (OH0001)


Got one of the micro private press monsters of the year here, Dark Sunny Land aka Steve Painter’s edition of only 150 hand-numbered psych/zone masterpiece, Emanations For A Returning: right from the classy weirdo/kraut sleeve this one comes over as a broadcast from deep within the zone that knows, with four extended, elegiac movements through a blurry/blissed out void of guitar, F/X, keyboards, theremin, singing bowls, recorder, assorted percussion and household objects that touches on classic Euro communal wipe-out ala Kalacakra, Yatha Sidhra, Popol Vuh et al but dredged through a modern loner/drone mindset. Indeed, a buncha heads have been raving about this album, guys like Chris Stigliano of Black To Comm, and it sits just right, with massive pools of slow-dazzling tone float cut with enough tactile spuzz that it feels played more than generated. Indeed, there are nods at points to the kind of slow string mesmerism of Taurpis Tula circa Sparrows and even a little of the classical grace of William Basinski but throw in your favourite deep space/no zone ritualists – say, Taj Mahal Travellers – and you’re close to the kind of euphoric floating in space depths of this massive side. Lose yourself in here, very limited supply obviously but a future beast. Very highly recommended. - VOLCANIC TONGUE

… here’s the new release from Steven Painter a.k.a. Dark Sunny Land which, as you’d expect, is every bit as powerful as those other Dark Sunny Land and 12-Cent Donkey albums that have come out and have been ignored by people who I must admit are lesser beings than WE most definitely are! In case you were wondering, EMANATIONS FOR A RETURNING is, like Mr. Painter’s other recording endeavors, stark ambient music (perhaps even in a “rock” vein) that for some not-so-strange reason reminds me of the early recordings of the infamous German duo Cluster. You don’t exactly feel as if you are “floating on air” while listening to this (to use Greg Prevost’s description of the early Cluster sound), but you are taken through a rather enticing aural trip that on one hand relaxes and the other creates a strangely eerie if enveloping emotional atmosphere. Listen closely and you’ll even be able to discern the guitar and percussive lines amid the keyboard wash. Made for good late-evening listening last night and will most definitely be a nerve-calmer for weeks to come. Another hefty one …
--Chris Stigliano, Black To Comm blog

Do try and search out the delightful and highly useful EMANATIONS FOR A RETURNING by Boston’s Dark Sunny Land. Released on One Hand Records, this limited vinyl edition shakes and sparkles with that same shimmer as Japanese Gagaku ceremonies, all Timeless and Hazy and Almost and Nearly. It’s probably those singing bowls that throw time off so, or perhaps the household objects, or maybe even the subtly rendered Theremin. Indeed, I’m loathe to compare this vinyl LP with anything too specific, for it is entirely itself. Yes, the music of Dark Sunny Land occupies mostly a peculiar heat haze hinterland, a semi-permanent perch that always appears to threaten a massive increase in volume, but never does. But EMANATIONS FOR A RETURNNING is a fine LP housed in a delightful art sleeve, and it don’t half endlessly repeat well, Motherfuckers. -- Julian Cope, Head Heritage